Review Step 2c: Characteristics & Trade-offs - Usage

Differences in Usage: Education Sector

The usage and QoS threshold requirements for each application and service differ by sector, and how much bandwidth is “enough” can vary depending on user needs and demands, and on what applications the connectivity will be used for. Careful consideration must therefore be given to what users are likely to be doing with access and what applications they are likely to use, in order to ensure that there is enough bandwidth for all.

In real-world terms, this means that some sectors are likely to need more bandwidth than others, and what may be sufficient for one sector will be untenable for another. In the United States, for example, the State Educational Technology Directors Association estimated the broadband speeds required in the education sector to use certain applications or conduct certain activities25 (see Table 13).

Note: The table is not intended to be used to calculate projected bandwidth for an entire school or district, as other factors, such as administrative applications, cloud-based services and aggregation strategies, need to be considered.

Table 13: Sample broadband requirements for various activities in the education sector (download speeds)

Source: adapted from State Educational Technology Directors Association