Review Step 2c: Characteristics & Trade-offs

Hybrid Solutions

Box 7. Hybrid network example

(Hughes Express Wi-Fi)

Across Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, Hughes has reported deployments of a community Wi-Fi solution known as Hughes Express Wi-Fi, in partnership with Facebook. Each Hughes Express Wi-Fi Hotspot is backhauled over satellite links, enabling merchants to offer Internet access on a pay-per-use basis to about 500 people in a rural community where terrestrial service is too expensive or simply unavailable.

Box 7 figure: Hughes satellite-connected Wi-Fi

service ecosystem

This service allows end-users in rural communities to connect to the Internet using multimedia broadband connectivity for browsing, messaging, e-mail, voice and video chat. For those people who cannot afford a monthly subscription and require pay-as-you-go, Hughes Express Wi-Fi offers data-pack prices using their bring-your-own-device Wi-Fi mobile gear (phones/tablets/notebooks) equipped with any type of operating system (Android/IOS/Windows/Linux).

Box 7 table: Hughes express Wi-Fi data packages

* Approximated values, original priced were provided in Pesos and converted in USD