Review Step 2c: Characteristics & Trade-offs

Emerging Technologies

Table 25 presents a number of emerging connectivity technologies and compares their characteristics. A number of these technologies are still in the trial phase; they may not be commercially available and their market ecosystems may not yet have attained the level of maturity of the common wireless and wired technologies presented earlier.

Table 25: Comparison of emerging technologies in connectivity

Source: adapted from various sources, including the European Union, Cisco, Huawei, ITU, the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank and the EMEA Satellite Operators Association (technical references listed in Annex 2) . * Other emerging communication technologies are in use or entering the market. However, many of these (radio-frequency identification, Bluetooth Low Energy, near field communication, Light Fidelity, Zigbee, etc.) are not suitable for rural deployments. Wimax deployments appear to have peaked globally and are on the decline. Whereas TV White Space is still at a nascent stage of ecosystem growth and deployment.