Most of the offline population lives in least developed countries

Important: for the latest statistics and estimates, refer to Measuring digital development Facts and figures 2020

Percentage of individuals using the Internet, by region and development status, 2019*

Note: * ITU estimate. Source: ITU.

In developed countries, most people are online, with close to 87 per cent of individuals using the Internet.

In the least developed countries (LDCs), on the other hand, only 19 per cent of individuals are online in 2019.

Europe is the region with the highest Internet usage rates, Africa the region with the lowest Internet usage rates.

Developed Countries


Africa Europe

Percentage of population not using the Internet, 2019*

The map of the offline population highlights regional differences in Internet usage.

Countries with the highest shares of people not using the Internet are mostly in Africa and South Asia, although there are inter-regional differences.

Note: * ITU estimate. Source: ITU.