Mobile-broadband subscriptions continue to grow strongly

Important: for the latest statistics and estimates, refer to Measuring digital development Facts and figures 2020

Evolution of mobile and fixed subscriptions, 2005-2019*

Note: *ITU estimate. Source: ITU.

The number of active mobile- broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants continues to grow strongly, with an 18.4 per cent year-on-year growth.

Mobile-cellular subscriptions have also continued to grow, while fixed-telephone subscriptions continue to decline steadily.

Fixed-broadband subscriptions have continued to grow steadily, although at a more modest rate than mobile-broadband subscriptions.

Fixed-telephone and fixed-broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants, 2019*

Note: *ITU estimate. Source: ITU.

There is a strong correlation between a region’s income levels and the number of fixed-telephone and fixed-broadband connections per 100 inhabitants, reflecting the price and availability of fixed connections.

In developing countries, there are now more fixed- broadband than fixed-telephone subscriptions.

Mobile-cellular and mobile-broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants, 2019*

Note: *ITU estimate. Source: ITU.

The correlation between level of development and uptake of mobile subscriptions is much weaker, reflecting the better affordability and availability of mobile compared with fixed network connections.

The relatively small difference between developed and developing countries also shows that connectivity is a priority among people in countries at all levels of development.