Leading by example

Green ITU In 2020 ITU maintained its climate neutrality and has taken measures to step up environmental sustainability efforts. As such, the ITU Environmental Sustainability Statement (C20/INF/5-E) outlines a series of guiding principles to strengthen ITU’s environmental performance, and marks the establishment of an Environmental Management System that will help to systematically reduce greenhouse gas emissions (for more information, see C21/68).

Accessible ITU (new building) Accessibility requirements for ITU’s new building project are based on Swiss standard SIA 500, a requirement in order to obtain the host country’s authorization for construction. However, since this standard is relatively limited in its scope, ITU has expanded the programme requirements to encompass a more inclusive accessibility. The series of additional measures will ensure that the new building is accessible to people with a wide range of disabilities and needs.

Gender balanced ITU ITU continues striving to ensure that the objectives in Annex 2 to Resolution 48 (Rev. Dubai, 2018) of the Plenipotentiary Conference is achieved. The Union has renewed its commitment by investing in gender representation in the recruitment interview panels. A pool of female panel members has been identified that can be called upon to participate in panels across ITU and has been provided with competency based interviewing training. Gender is being also embedded in additional HR policies, including recruitment as well as in job descriptions, where gender represents a critical component in the long term. A persistent issue comes from the fact that more than 70 per cent of applicants to Professional and higher categories are men, despite the efforts to reach out to more women.