Welcome from the Secretary-General

“This report outlines the importance of information and communication technologies in today’sdigital transformation and the breadth and scope of ITU’s activities, from spectrum and orbit regulation and management to standardization, emerging technologies, the environment and smart sustainable cities and communities, cybersecurity, and digital inclusion. Now more than ever, these activities are all part of the solution and response to the crisis we are facing.

COVID-19 is a defining moment of our lifetimes. Bound by the powerful belief that technology can be a source of good in this world, ITU members have stepped up and engaged in activities that have proven essential in saving lives and keeping the economy working.

ITU’s membership is growing and becoming ever more diverse, with large and small companies active in different sectors of the economy that keep our organization on the cutting edge of innovation and help strengthen the public-private partnerships critical to delivering on the promise of the digital revolution.

We must seize this moment to accelerate the development of digital society and work together to turn today’s digital revolution into a development revolution for all.”

Houlin Zhao Secretary-General, International Telecommunication Union