Study Groups
New Themes and Topics

Study Groups provide an opportunity for all Member States and Sector Members (including Associates and Academia) to share experiences, present ideas, exchange views, and achieve consensus on appropriate strategies to address ICT priorities.

Study Groups are responsible for developing Reports, Guidelines, and Recommendations based on input received from the membership.

In 2018, the ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) approved 41 new or revised Recommendations and 51 new or revised Reports. It also developed 24 new or revised Recommendations, which were approved in early 2019. For example:

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for broadcasting. See more
  • Coexistence analysis between foreign object debris detection systems and earth exploration satellite service sensors in-band and in adjacent bands. See more

In 2018, the ITU Standardisation Sector (ITU-T) established several new Focus groups, as follows:

Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence for Health (AI4H) was established in July 2018; this group works in partnership with the WHO towards a common methodology for the assessment of AI4H solutions. See more

Focus Group on Technologies for Network 2030 (FG NET-2030), established in July 2018, studies examples like, the capabilities of networks for the year 2030 and beyond, holographic type communications, extremely fast response to critical situations and high-precision communication demands of emerging market verticals. See more

Focus Group on Vehicular Multimedia (FG-VM) was established in July 2018. This Focus Group analyses and identifies gaps in the vehicular multimedia standardization landscape and drafts technical reports and specifications. See more